40Ch 100GHz Integrated VMUX

Kaiam 40Ch 100Ghz VMUX

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The Kaiam Variable Multiplexer (VMUX) offers best in class performance by uniting Variable Optical Attenuator arrays with our well-established silica Arrayed Waveguide Grating technology. The result is a device that offers convenient digital control with low power consumption, fast response time, and outstanding optical performance. Electrical interfaces and controls are integrated into the module to enable accurate power level control of any optical channel. The VMUX is available in configuration of 40 channels with an attenuation range of 15dB, and is offered in wide-band version.

• 40 Channel Wide-Band
• Low Power Consumption
• Wide Attenuation Range
• Compact Footprint
• Very Low PDL at All 
Attenuation Levels
• Integrated AWG Temperature Control

• Pre-Emphasis at Transmitters
• Dynamic Channel Balancing 
at MUX Location
• Dynamic Channel Leveling 
at Add/Drop Sites
• Receiver Overload Control
• Optical Channel Blocking