I Am Kaiam.


“Being surrounded by exceptional people, and the busy roadmap, ensure that no day is like any other.”

Rizza Cizek

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

B.S.M.E., Technological University of the Philippines–Visayas

Likes listening to & singing all kinds of music, baking desserts

Most proud of my family, supportive husband and loving kids


“We’ve got really smart people who get stuff done, doing things that are really important for the world.”

Art Stein

Chief Financial Officer

MBA from University of Washington, BA from Stanford

Likes trail running, wine collecting, and dark chocolate

Most proud of 33 years of marriage, and raising three great kids


“I get to interact and work with competent, creative individuals across fields on a daily basis.”

Suresh Rangarajan

Director of RF Engineering

MS & PhD in Electrical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara

Likes woodworking and organic gardening...learning to sail!

Most proud of harnessing tech to solve problems of tropical living