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Kaiam’s SCOTS™ (Silicon Carrier for Optical Terabit Systems) Planar Lightwave Circuits (PLCs) are optical systems-on-a-chip supporting a wide range of optical functionality:


•  wavelength multiplexers/demultiplexers
•  optical switches
•  power splitters and combiners
•  polarization beam-splitters and combiners
•  optical mode adapters
•  Bragg gratings
•  turning mirrors
• … and many other functions


SCOTS PLCs are fabricated on 8” silicon wafers using standard IC processes and tools. They feature high optical performance and high density. Kaiam’s production facility has been producing PLCs and continuously advancing SCOTS™ technology for nearly 20 years.

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World-Class PLC Production Capabilities

Kaiam’s Livingston, Scotland facility is one of the world’s highest volume PLC production facilities, with capacity to meet the requirements of the most demanding hyperscale data center customers. The current process is based on 8” silicon wafers and uses high deposition rate processes to achieve high throughput while maintaining excellent process control and quality.


Kaiam’s SCOTS processes include a number of industry-leading unique capabilities, including athermalisation of PLC devices. Athermalized PLCs exhibit temperature-independent wavelength characteristics over a large temperature range without the need for thermal stabilization or thermal control circuitry. Kaiam’s athermalized AWGs are used in a wide variety of telecom and datacom applications, where they provide significant power, size, and reliability advantages over conventional solutions.